When you are able to actually build real relationships with your clients

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When you are able to actually build real relationships with your clients, you will be able to retain your customers and create a loyalty base that can’t be matched. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to renew their business and refer others to your business. Valuing your customers is more than just being helpful and efficient. It is going above and beyond, making your interactions more personal. Let your customer know you are thinking of them throughout the year, and not just at renewal time when you are trying to retain their business. 

One of the most important ways to make your customer feel valued is with interaction they will have on your website. Nothing is more frustrating than a complicated, hard to direct website. What your webpage looks like says a lot about your agency. It is a first impression for many potential customers. Having a site that is difficult to navigate can be harmful to your reputation. If a customer gets frustrated with your website, it will be harming that client/agent relationship. They could begin to look elsewhere at other agencies that have a better functioning websites. 

You want to make sure your customers are having positive experiences every time they work with your agency. This includes potential clients, to existing clients to ones who have been around for over 15 years. Customer service is the perception that people have your about your brand and products based on any personal interaction and ongoing relationship with you. This will ultimately decide their future purchasing behavior. Giving high quality customer service is not a one time deal. Insurance agents need to consistently deliver high quality customer service. 

The most basic step in customer service is making the time to create personal interactions. It may seem difficult to create a relationship with a prospect because you have no history with them. You don’t yet know any of their personal information, likes and dislikes. Just start with information that you do know. You can have the conversation work around the industry that they are in. Once you are better versed in their business and what their needs are, you can work on sending more personalized information. Let them know that you saw something regarding their industry and thought of them and wanted them to be aware of the information you were passing along. 

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your customers. Make sure that you are posting information that is relevant. Work on personalizing things on an individual level. When customers engage on your social media platforms, reply to each comment with unique and individual responses. This will show that you are hearing what they have to say and you are commenting directly to them. Personalizing data is also necessary in all digital communication. With emails especially, don’t just use a generic form, tailor something in each one specific to the customer’s needs. 

Once you have retained a new client, make sure that you continue to work on that relationship. Make sure you help them set up accounts, understand if they want paper notifications or be all digital. Customers want to feel valued after they have given you their business. One of the biggest mistakes of businesses is that once they have the customer’s money, they are not as concerned for their well being anymore. They have their money and they have moved on. Make sure your customers don’t feel that way. Some customers want to have conversations about where they can access their policy documents or whether they would like their policy information mailed to them. Every customer is different, and just makes sure that you take the time to understand what your customers’ needs are. Some customers like to handle their information on their own while others like help in this area, knowing who likes what is very important to building that relationship. If you aren’t sure which type of communication and help your customer prefers, just ask them. Honesty goes a long way with communication. 

Figuring out how to build and maintain customer relations is a win win for the both the Insurance Agent and the customer. When Agents are able to build a loyal customer base, they will be building up their revenue and are giving their agency more chances for sale opportunities. The customer benefits because they now have someone in their corner helping they make sure they have the coverage and policies put in place so that they feel safe and protected.