“I should have done this before”

By March 12, 2021 March 30th, 2021 No Comments

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in people’s lives. Emotionally it has affected people and brought up fear and uncertainty in their lives. And on the business side, it has made businesses handle their work differently. The insurance industry has been known for not moving too fast, taking their time and working through things. But now, even insurance companies are changing things up. Fast is the new speed and agencies are now gearing towards having more remote working environments, digitizing their agency and helping their customers on their different paths. These are all great changes, and things that would have eventually come about, but with the COVID-19 virus, these trends are now being looked at as “I should have done this before” We have compiled a list that will help your agency be able to adapt to changes and fully utilize their time and help their customers get what they need from you.

The first is to make a focus list. Keep it short and to the point. Be realistic about the goals you want to accomplish. Don’t write things down that are farfetched and action items that you know you won’t attack any time soon. Keep it simple. Check this list often and review it. If something isn’t working or isn’t achievable right now, scrap it. There is no need to have an action item that you aren’t ready to tackle yet. This list should be small enough to fit in a pocket. Read it constantly, check items off and move on. Come up with reachable goals. 

You need to make sure that you are being the best version of yourself. The business world is a crazy place right now; people are going to be expecting a lot of you. The stronger of a person you are, the more capable you will be. Keep yourself healthy and strong. Whatever makes you a better person, make sure that you are doing it. Whether that means eating right, exercising consistently, getting adequate sleep, etc., make sure that you allowing yourself to function at your highest rate possible. Remember that you are in control of your life, and it can easily go ignored, but it won’t be fair to you, your agency or your clients if you aren’t giving life your all.

Be the leader you know you can be. When a crises situation happens, people look to others for answers. This can be your clients; this could mean your co-workers. People want to be reassured that they are safe. Are your clients getting the coverage that they need? Are they worried about being under insured? This is where you can help give comfort to those people. Assure them that you are providing them with their complete insurance needs, and there isn’t anything to worry about. Let them know your strategy and talk it through with them. Showing your confidence to others allows them to have confidence in you.

Technology is such an important factor in business. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, is that technology is the future and way of life. When the world was shut down, the only way we were able to operate was through technology. Having remote systems in place allows people to work within the same agency, while staying safe and apart. It really has been eye opening on how much work can get done with people working remotely. Making sure that you have invested in safe and secure technology is a must. Login’s need to be secure, there have to be password protocols, you should have online scam trainings, how to spot hackers, etc. Make sure that employees are qualified to use the systems out of the office, get everyone set up for remote work and collaboration.

There will be Insurance Agencies that will have suffered because of the pandemic. Some will have suffered more than others. It is best to just keep moving forward and trying to do all that you can to retain your business. Take a real hard look at your financials and see where your agency stands. Where are you most vulnerable?  Run cash flow projections. Make sure you are having a clear look at what your agency is bringing in.

Your marketing agendas might need to be reevaluated. It might be time to change your approach. You have to look at how you are reaching your customers and getting leads. Make sure you are managing your content and advertising. It might need to be revamped to meet people’s needs after going through COVID-19. Make sure that your agency is staying relevant.

Not all of these ideas will need to be implemented or taken under consideration for your agency. But as you look over it, make notes for which ones need emphasis. The world is coming out of a very troubling time, and people are looking for help and they want to make sure they are using their money smarter. Make sure that you are preparing to give your customers the best version of you and your agency.