Marketing plays such a crucial role in every business.

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Marketing plays such a crucial role in every business. The technics used will vary from business to business, but it is an area that deserves your time and attention. Marketing can help boost your business and give you an edge over your competitors. We have compiled a list of marketing strategies to help your insurance agency grow and maintain your current business.

Insurance Agencies tend to have their focus be on getting new clients. What types of people need an insurance policy? How can you appeal to their needs? But it is important to remember to focus on your current clients, the ones who give you business and then you don’t have to worry about for another year. You want your marketing content to not only advertise for new business, but also provide information for your current clients. Make sure that you are sharing information and content that is valuable to people in all different phases of their insurance plans. 

Have a social media presence. Most people now days are on social media. You should be using these outlets to grow and nurture your business relationships. It can be easy to fall into the prey to the “boring” posts. Insurance is not always an exciting topic, but don’t let your posts show that. Get creative with your content, make your pages engaging and have valuable information on them. Remember to not market to new clients only, engage all of your potential and current customers. You can engage with your customers by posting questions and making things interactive. When people comment on your posts, make sure to respond to them. This is a great way to continue having conversations and staying in contact with people. 

Make sure you are monitoring your online reviews. People are able to make or break a company’s reputation through sites like Google Review, Yelp and Facebook. Having online reviews is important for every business, 97 percent of people read online reviews before working with a company. Customers may not know how valuable online reviews are, you may need to reach out and ask if they were satisfied with their service, and if so, would they mind leaving a review. If you do great work, your customers will be happy and want to brag about you. If you do get a negative review, it is important to follow up with it, ask questions and find out what happened and how your agency can do better in the future. And remember that it’s OK to not have a 100 percent happy review rate. Just try to do all you can to make sure you meet the needs of your customers. 

You should make sure that you brand image is consistent everywhere. You want all your websites, social media platforms, review sites, etc., to have the same information on it. This doesn’t mean just setting up all these accounts and making sure the image is unified, you need to continually monitor and update them and make sure that they all say the same thing. Whenever you respond to comments or messages, make sure that they are all uniform and have the same meaning and tone. Every client should be treated the same, no matter what platform they use to contact you. 

Most people spend up to 5 hours a day on their mobile device. Chances are right now as you are reading this, your phone is within an arm’s reach from you. Many people conduct their business solely through their mobile device. You want to make sure that you website is mobile friendly. Nothing is worse than when you are trying to conduct a search and come across a site that isn’t mobile friendly. Chances are by the time you are in front of a desktop, you will have forgotten the site because you have already checked out someone other company that is mobile friendly. 

Stay on top of your customer data base. If you have a data base full of bad contacts, people who aren’t interested in your service anymore, then you are wasting your time marketing to them. Keeping your customers information up to date will help your marketing tactics go to good use. Knowing who you are actually servicing and marketing to will help you be able to create custom content and be a relevant source of information for them. 

Did you know you can automate your marketing? People are busy, we live in a world where we finish one task and we are onto the next. Every day we sit down and decide what it is we want to accomplish for the day. What tasks do we need to complete? Marketing can sometimes be enough tasks to fill a day all on its own. Not everyone has time for that. But marketing is an important tool to be able to connect with your clients, so what can you do? There are a few different ways you can handle this. Rather than creating content each day and either sending it or publishing it, you can plan ahead. You can sit down and decide what it is you want to share with your clients. You can plan it by the day, week or month. And there are tools that can help you create this content and send it out at the designated time. Don’t try to tackle your marketing on a day to day basis. It is more efficient to plan ahead and make your marketing automated.

The real value and key to marketing is to just stay on top of it. It isn’t something you can let slide on by. In order to grow and keep your current book of business, you need to be engaging. You need to be a valuable part in your customer’s lives. People want to do business with companies they feel they can connect to, and with businesses who make them feel relevant. Always change up your marketing strategies and make sure you are staying relevant in your field. You want your customers to stay with you, make sure they know that.

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