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March 2019 Message from our Chairman, CEO and Founder

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When I started Capital Premium over 30 years ago from my home, I wanted to offer a service that no one else offered—an opportunity for my clients to become partners in my business and grow their profits, lower their cancellations and increase their service set.

People might say it takes luck to be a successful entrepreneur. Well, if you define luck as preparation + hard work, I might agree with you. I really like this definition of entrepreneurship by

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is a label that is earned not given.

An entrepreneur is someone that creates.

Someone that creates things that didn’t exist before.

Someone that sacrifices A LOT now, for a better tomorrow.

Someone who BELIEVES in their dream, even when no one else does.

Someone who doesn’t settle.

Someone who isn’t like the majority.

Someone who goes against the grain.

Someone who pushes through the pain.

The pain of defeat, the pain of failure, the pain of rejection.

An entrepreneur is never focused on the fame.
The focus is always on providing something of immense value to the world.

That’s what I believe Capital Premium has accomplished. We have provided something of immense value to our partners!
Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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