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There are many benefits to financing your insurance premium

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Financing your insurance premium is beneficial for all types of business owners. Whether your business is a large corporation or a small mom and pop store, having financial options to get your insurance premium paid is very beneficial. It is valuable to the large corporations because their insurance premiums tend to be quite a bit higher. Coming up with a sum of money that large can be both difficult and nearly impossible. By financing their premium they are able to work within a budget much easier. Whereas smaller companies may have a lower insurance premium and sometimes the amount may even seem doable. However, if the finance their insurance policies it will allow for more cash flow and growth for their business. 

There are many benefits to financing your insurance premium. You are able to preserve the capital in your business. By having smaller monthly payments, you are freeing up money that you can invest back into your business. It allows you to keep your credit lines open for other business expenses. It will actually yield you a higher return. You have the potential to earn more on your retained capital than you would if you would have paid the insurance premium in full. It also allows you to be able to afford the coverage that you need. Purchasing additional premiums can add up, but if you finance it, it becomes more attainable to reach those premiums. Premium Finance Loans will have a fixed rate. So you don’t need to worry about interest rates going up or payments changing. Both interest and payments are locked into when the Premium Finance Agreement is signed. 

The most common types of insurance premiums that are financed include:

-Property and Casualty

-Errors & Omissions


-Commercial Auto

-Workers Compensation

-General Liability

-Professional Liability

These types of coverages typically come from many different industries. There really isn’t an industry that we don’t cover. Some of the common ones include Automotive, Commercial Business, Trucking, Medical, Hospital, Real Estate, Property, Cyber, Retail, etc. The list goes on and on. Virtually every business that is currently operating is required to have some kind of insurance. 

And with all these businesses that are needing insurance, Capital is here to help them along the way. We are an industry leader that has been around for many years. We have financed hundreds of thousands of loans. We have the experience and knowledge that is needed to make sure that your loan is flawless. Let us help take the burden off of your business with trying to pay your insurance premium all at once. Let us give you more financial freedom that will allow your business to grow and prosper. By not tying up capital you may have in your business, you will be able to take on more business ventures and different growing opportunities that otherwise you would have had to pass on. It is a much smarter move for your business to finance, and let us here at Capital help you with that service.


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