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October Message From Our Chairman, CEO and Founder David F. Gabrielsen

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Times have definitely changed since I started Capital almost 30 years ago. Capital has grown from the basement of my home with one employee, myself, to 100 employees that work in a 8,000+ sq. ft. office (soon to be more) on a multi acre property. We have grown from working with one agency in the beginning to over 4,000 agencies (and rapidly growing) that we work with today.

In the beginning I was able to visit and know every agency and their family. Today it gets a little harder to stay in touch with over 4,000. I always say we aren’t perfect, but we strive to be. I want to strive to get to know you better, to connect with you. Luckily, today that is possible with the many formats of technology and social media.

I would love it if you would connect with us on social media and we would love to connect with you. I assure you my team and I pay close attention to our social media and check it often because we care. I care about you, I care about your family, and I care about your business. Please find us today on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter (@capitalpremium) so we can connect and stay in touch.

Capital Moments—Desire to Connect (video)

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